Hydraulic powered stone saw

by Whitewolf4869
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Feb22-12, 08:22 AM
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Im planning to build a stone saw with a 36 inch blade and plan to use a hydraulic pump and motor to power the saw blade The hydraulic pump will be driven by a 50 hp diesel motor Now the hard part i need to figure out flow rates pump and motor sizes and basic saw design
i have been looking on the internet for years and hevent found much until i stumbled on this forum there seems to be a lot of down to earth people here with good info and just a few that say why do you want to do this? and you cant do that lol . I have built a 12 kw generator from parts i had collected and wasted a lot of money and time trying to go direct drive before i figured out that belt drive was absolutely the best way to go
So is there anyone out there whit any suggestions?
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