The "Geoscience" of the Ancients

by Ivan Seeking
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Ivan Seeking
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Presentation at the Geoscience Conference 2002 of Shell International Exploration and Production BV on 22 April 2002 in Noordwijk (Holland)


Introduction [top of page]

The organisers of the Geoscience Conference invited me because of my article (Hubral, 2001) "The hidden roots of human creativity and discovery". There I claimed that the starting point for all human creation is intuition, which requires the capability to relax. In a later contribution (Hubral, 2002a) I referred in this context to "creatio ex nihilo". This translates to "creation from nothing". For me these Latin words imply that according to ancient wisdom Mother Nature (including the Earth and Cosmos) gives birth to our invisible fuzzy creativity, the start of all our visible creations. This occurs if we are in a "relaxed wakeful state of nothingness". Today I want to elaborate this topic. I will talk about the origin and mechanism of our creativity and its connection to relaxation, intuition and nothingness. I will attempt to do this from the point of view of the ancient sages, which I will mention below. [continued]
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