where can i find quality '(not wikipedia) materialdata

by Utvinge
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Mar9-12, 04:46 AM
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Hey, where can I find good quality '(not wikipedia) data on a metal material?

Mainly I want as much data as possible about 11SMnPb30 + C (SS 1914). It is a leaded-cutting steel for mass production of parts where the requirements on the mechanical properties are low.

Would also be nice to have a list / program where I can specify the thermal expansion and then get the materials proposed.

much gratitude!
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Mar9-12, 02:39 PM
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Have you tried www.matweb.com ?
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Mar9-12, 02:50 PM
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The CRC (Chemical Rubber Company) Handbook:
has been the best source of such information for years.

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Mar11-12, 01:13 PM
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where can i find quality '(not wikipedia) materialdata

You might look into the software program called CES edupack.
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Mar15-12, 08:06 PM
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matweb which was already mentioned. Plus if your looking for yield stresses mcmaster will normally provide that data also.

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