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I have to take Calculus online. Will this work?

by lawnphysics
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Mar13-12, 02:02 PM
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I have to take Calculus online. I am looking at . What do you guys think of this option. Taking Calculus in the class-room is NOT an option for me. I am open to any suggestions for institutions offering Calculus I, II, and III online.

I have had College Algebra, Precalculus, (both of which I got a high "B"), and I took 3/4 of Calc I on a campus till I had to drop out due to family responsibilites (grandfather's health went down hill and there was no one else in my family to take care of him).

I learn extremely well on my own. I am finishing Calculus based Physics Classes (one per semester) starting again next January Spring 2013 (I have already had Physics 211 (calc based first semester) (received a "B" as well on that). So I want to take these Calculus classes online to prepare me for the other half Physics 213. I learn well on my own and most of my degree (general education credits) has been done online.

Feedback? Suggestions? Other options?

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Mar13-12, 05:11 PM
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Very interesting link. I have never heard of this school. So what is your ultimate goal? If it's just to take classes, then any school is as good as the next but if you are looking to transfer to a specific university or get a particular type of degree then I'm sure more people will be able to give more input.

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