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Tennessee to teach the controversy

by SixNein
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Apr24-12, 03:43 PM
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Quote Quote by Danger View Post
I just get an "unavailable video" message.
It might be a copyright issue. I've run into that before, with things that can't be accessed from outside of the US. I've probably already seen it, though, since I watch the show pretty much every night.
Danger, this was from last night. The full episode is also available on
Apr24-12, 11:59 PM
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I would like add a tad more to this topic. It saddens and bothers me to think that there are people in Tennessee and elsewhere who want to 'teach the controversy'.

Once again as an American I went looking for support of evolution in an attempt to help those who want to 'teach the controversy' know that there really isn't any controversy. We are Americans and should stick together and not be divided as a nation. It is important for youth of today to know that adults support each other and the education of the youth of today .

The American Society for Microbiology has a wonderful resource for K-12 teachers:

Here is a section from Mark Gallo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology, Niagara University, NY - Intended Audience K-4, 5-8, 9-12:

National Science Education Standards Addressed

Standard A: Science as Inquiry - Students will analyze evidence regarding the process of natural selection and reflect upon this simulation and how it relates to present knowledge and thinking on evolution.

Standard C: Life Science - In completion of this activity, students will discover more about the structure and function of DNA, an integral part of life science. Students will also learn about DNA on a molecular basis, as the molecule responsible for heredity. Students will complete activities in which they discuss that DNA provides genetic continuity between generations. This activity explores at a molecular level many of the key points for natural selection as the driving force for evolution.

Standard E: Science and Technology – Addition of the CLUSTAL analysis will provide an opportunity for the learner for ways to see how important technology is to investigate scientific questions. Use of the mentioned algorithms that model the process of natural selection are also valuable means for students to design their own experiments and carry them out in a simulation.

Standard F: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives – The theory of evolution remains a topic of fervent discussion in the U.S. and is challenged by other groups using non-scientific means. This activity provides a clear, concise model of the events that lead to many of the steps necessary for evolution by natural selection.

Standard G: History and Nature of Science - The theory of evolution has been under societal attack by some groups since its inception. The polarization around this issue is the largest of its kind in the scientific community. Students will investigate some of the early arguments used to defend evolution and how the arguments have been strengthened in light of molecular biology. Bioinformatics information provides irrefutable evidence for the power of the process of evolution by natural selection.
Please note that I have highlighted in red what needs to be done rather than 'teach the controversy' otherwise it appears to me the National Science Education Standards will not be taken seriously. We should protect the youth of today by supporting the National Science Education Standards. "UNITED WE SHOULD STAND!" should be every American's motto when it comes to education. Thank you.
Apr25-12, 03:20 PM
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Quote Quote by Gokul43201 View Post
Danger, this was from last night. The full episode is also available on
Ah... that explains it, then. I had to go out to vote Monday. After such an arduous undertaking, I decided to make the best of it and socialize a bit on the way home. I got here about half an hour after the show was over.
Both Hula and Colbert's own website also give me "unavailable video" messages. Luckily, the show is carried by CTV here, so I just tapped into their site and watched it. As my uncle Bugs would say, "What a maroon!"
I also see by the opening of the same show that in Arizona a woman is now considered to be legally pregnant as soon as she ovulates. Does that mean that menstruation is illegal because it constitutes abortion? If so, how do they plan to prevent it?

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