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Hypothesis testing

by XodoX
Tags: hypothesis, testing
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Apr2-12, 06:12 PM
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I have a question about the equations used for hypothesis testing. They all look like this one here:

H0: μ = μ0
H1: μ > μ0

For various situations.. sigma know, sigma unknown etc. So H0 is the first claim and H1 is the second claim. But this means the second claim is > than the first claim. I know you have to use something else when it's the other way around. I'm talking about the tables with the formulas. You usually have the hypothesis on the left side, and on the right side it's the critical region. But the tables I have only have H1 down as μ>μ0. But what do I do when it is < instead of > ? I attached a file that shows what I mean.
Wikipedia has a bunch of formulas. Let's take p. H1: p1>p0
Would I take the One-proportion z-test they have here ( roughly in the center of the table) ?

I don't know what to do if it's H1 down as μ<μ0 I hope it's somewhat clear what I'm asking for and somebody knows the answer.
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