Plotting the Nyquist Diagram - Stuck

by thomas49th
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Apr18-12, 07:27 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Okay, quite stuck here. Spent a few hours with the notes and tried some websites, but I'm still not confident in plotting Nyquist Diagrams
2. Relevant equations
N = Z-P

3. The attempt at a solution
Well, at w=0, gain is -2 and at w= ∞ gain = 0.

We also have a pole at s=0.5 in the right half plane... so P=1, correct? As we have an unstable pole?

As for the phase it goes from 0 to -90. WHY is calculating the phase important, where is this show on the Nyquist plot!?

Do I now have enough information to draw it?
How would you go about drawing it?

How do I know what values to the j-axis should take? How do I know if it's meant to loop around under the real axis and back up to (0,0)

Many Thanks

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