A Public Debate on Science, Pseudoscience, and Spiritualism

by Ivan Seeking
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Ivan Seeking
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Jan23-05, 05:36 PM
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1 - Szilardís Roots and His Interdisciplinarity, George Marx
4 - Voodoo Science: Perpetuum Mobile, Robert L. Park
5 - Magnet Therapy, A.R. Liboff
7 - A Public Debate on Science, Pseudoscience, and Spiritualism
from the Perspectives of a Physicist, Sociologist, and Biologist,
Alan Scott, Bob Salt, Ken Parejko...

...Most of us have had experiences that science cannot explain. As Dr. Salt points out, to deny the spiritual aspect of life is to deny an important, fundamental and true part of our being. But though I canít speak for him myself, it seems to me that Dr. Scott is not denying spirituality. He is questioning aspects of modern life that are anti- or pseudoscientific and claim to be spiritual.. [p 9 of 16][continued]
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