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Electron Configuration of Platinum

by τheory
Tags: configuration, electron, platinum
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Jun5-12, 04:19 PM
P: 43
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Why is the electron configuration of neutral Platinum:

[itex]Pt = [Xe]4f ^{14} 5d ^{9} 6s ^{1}[/itex]

and not?:

[itex]Pt = [Xe]4f ^{14} 5d ^{10} 6s ^{0}[/itex]

I thought that if the two electrons from the 6s sub-shell were to move to the 5d sub-shell, then 5d sub-shell would be fully paired, hence stability? However, this is not the case as the actual configuration calls for only one electron to be moved from the 6s sub-shell, rather than two. Can someone explain to me why this is the case?
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