Man's Best Dumb Friend?

by Another's Eyes
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Another's Eyes
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Jan27-05, 01:30 AM
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Dogs in society are not only used as companion animals, but as working animals...helping the blind/disabled, searching for injured/dead, drug sniffing, etc. I've always thought dogs were very intelligent, but after reading the following article it makes me wonder.
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Lemurs match scent of a friend to sound of her voice
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Jan27-05, 11:51 AM
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Quote Quote by Another's Eyes
I've always thought dogs were very intelligent,
Intelligent compared to what?
Does failing that test make them any less intelligent? (perhaps compared to a human, but how about compared to the rest of the animal kingdom?)
How often does finding food-on-a-string-in-a-box come up in their evolutionary history?

(from the link)
Many of the dogs eventually figured out what to do, but that ultimate success was more a matter of learning, not insight. But in the end, does it matter?
In some cases, could "learning" be more intelligent than "insight"? (e.g., if insight=instinct)

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