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Superior Beings

by Bartholomew
Tags: beings, superior
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Francis M
Feb18-05, 12:32 PM
P: 124
Originally posted by Bartholomew
If a superior being is as advanced compared to us as we are to a fruit fly, would there be any immorality if that being swatted us like a bunch of fruit flies?
Good question, on somewhat the same note,

If they were that much more advanced than we were, would we even realise their existence and recognize that we were being killed off by them? That's of course if they decided to treat us like some kind of annoying nuisance
Feb22-05, 04:04 PM
P: 120
I ask a question, is it immoral for a plant to grow bigger/taller then another species of plant thus taking its sunlight? Nothing wrong with that imo. But to the smaller plant it may figure differently. I think all concerns or moral and immoral behavior sums up to survival. If something needs to die for a species survival it must not be immoral. We are given an instinct to survive so why must necessary killing be immoral.

Back to the question. It would be immoral if the super race to kill us for any other purpose other then their survival. If they needed our resources or us to eat or whatever to continue their survival then I wouldn’t say that would be immoral.

But super beings surely should be able to find an alternative no?

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