[DSP] radix-2 DIT and DIF algorithms

by JJ91
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Nov20-12, 02:57 PM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data


I literally can't see difference between DIT and DIF algorithms. Would be kind enough to explain a difference between two algorithms ?

Both algorithms have the same number of multiplications and additions for given signal:
[itex]\frac{N}{2}[/itex]log[itex]_{2}[/itex](N) - No. of Multiplications
Nlog[itex]_{2}[/itex](N) - No. of additions

Decimation in Time:

Decimation in Frequency:

3. The attempt at a solution
By looking into butterfly diagrams of both it can be seen that DIT starts from operation on pair of inputs ending on single multiplication at the last stage of FFT where is DIF starts from individual inputs computation ending on computation of pair of inputs.

In practice, what does that mean? How does that affect system?
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