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What kind of equipement would I need for these tests?

by AHVincent
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Nov25-12, 04:38 PM
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I'm starting a food processing business and would like to do my own "pre" FDA testing, this is for Thailand.

This way I can experiment and find out faster and at less cost what can work or not in my recipes. Here is the email they sent me about the tests they will conduct:

Sorry for late reply. About your product, price list for Canned Food, are 2 Type
1. Foods that are made of vegetables (pH < 4.6)
[Notification of the Ministry of Health No. 144 (2535 BC.)and 301(2549 BC.),3(1)]

Testing Item : including
pH, Net Weight , Gross Weight, Bensoic acid, Sorbic acid, Yeast&Mold, acid-resistant bacteria like growth at 30 and 55 C, Coliform Bacteria

Price = 3,000 Bath
If found Coliform Bacteria , S.aureus , Salmonella spp., acid-resistant bacteria like growth at 30 and 55 C + 1,600 Bath
and when found Yeast & Mold + 400 Bath

Testing Item : including
pH, Aw , Net Weight , Gross Weight, Bensoic acid, Sorbic acid, acid-resistant bacteria like growth at 35 and 55 C, C.botulinum
Can this be done with a simple basic microscope for the pathogens?

How can I measure bensoic and scorbic acid?

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