Heat Exchanger Heat load calculation

by arun3star
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Jan31-13, 11:43 PM
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i need to calculate heat load(Q) of a shell and tube heat exchanger.In this heat exchanger problem gives the following datas
tube side(water)
Avg flow rate=115 m3/hr@3.5 kg/cm2,density=990 kg/m3,Δt=5 c,cp=4186 j/kg c
shell side(hot fluid)
Avg flow rate=120 m3/hr@4.5 kg/cm2,density=1100 kg/m3,Δt=15 c,cp=3767 j/kg c
when i use eqn Q=mCpΔt i couldn't get both shell side and tube side heat transport equal.
can any one help to solve this..??

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