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Implementation of Matlab Controllers onto real systems

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Feb22-13, 09:48 AM
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Hi All,

I am an engineer with limited knowledge of the mechanisms with link hardware to software designs, for example in real time control systems, and wonder if you could help me understand what happens.

Can somebody explain to me what the typical process might be; let's say for instance I designed a PID feedback control system in Matlab/Simulink to control the flow rate through a pipe using a valve. Once I've built this controller on my computer screen, how would I then get this onto a pcb board and have it control real things? I know you can compile the code into C code for example, but what next?

I understand how Labview works as it has it's own dedicated hardware kits which talk to the software you've designed, the hardware is powered and generates and recieves the signals etc - I'm specifically thinking about Matlab now though.

Hope I make sense, I am rather confused in this subject matter.

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