material has low excitation temperature

by nanfei
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Mar17-13, 10:41 PM
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Is there any material that can be ionized (plasma state) at realtively low temperature, say 30 or 40C?
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Jun9-13, 03:03 PM
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There are two ways to answer your question. First, there are different methods to achieve ionization so there are different temperatures associated with each. There are high-energy ways to ionize, such as heat itself, or even radiation. These form the High temperature thermal plasmas. However, there are also non-thermal plasmas. A non-thermal plasma is a plasma where only the electrons of the substance attain the energy levels of a normal thermal plasma. These plasmas can be room temperature or lower. Second, if you are talking just basic thermal plasmas, different substances require different energy inputs in order to be ionized. For instance, normal air requires alot more energy to be ionized than say helium, just because of the molecular make-up of both.

Hope that helps :)

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