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What affects the light intensity and light output geometry?

by Minhtran1092
Tags: affects, geometry, intensity, light, output
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Mar19-13, 05:45 PM
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These are some of the factors I brainstormed that goes into the functionality of a spotlight:

1) Light output of the light source (measured in luminous flux, if I recall correctly)
2) The reflective potential of the reflectors surrounding the light source
3) The geometry of the reflectors; the shape of the reflector is always parabolic
4) The position of the light source from the focus of the parabolic reflector; more generally, the position of the light source from any reflector

I'm going to try to design a DIY lamp so I'm brainstorming all of the available constraints of the project.
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Simon Bridge
Mar19-13, 11:27 PM
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Cool - was there a question in there?

You may want to consider what role a lens may play in spotlight design too.

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