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Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

by climbhi
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Y, 08:06 AM
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cause Mt.rushmore doesnt rush unlike its name same as the scientific establishment
(just stupid)

how to make a crossbow strong enough to pierce cardboard?
Y, 07:48 PM
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how to make a crossbow strong enough to pierce cardboard?
Just to make soft cardboard.

Recently when I opened my bill from the cable TV company I was surprised and alarmed to see I was being additionally charged for 1.) a crossbow, 2.) a copralite, and 3.) a rather large quantity of gravity.

The next day my gas and electric bill revealed I was being charged for 1.) services rendered in times of war, 2.) services rendered in times of peace, and 3.) services rendered in times of bill reading.

This raises the quetion:

Does rinprax matter?
Y, 09:46 PM
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Hey guys,there something been bothering me lately about light
If light made of photons and photons have mass(because they are particle)
Wouldn't that give light mass and turn it into a kind of matter?

And If the answer is that light doesn't have mass why was it affect by black hole gravitational pull when it pass through?
Why did light bend when go through black holes?

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