RC Time Constant in Piezoelectrics

by piezoplayer
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Mar23-13, 02:51 PM
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This is my first post so I hope I do everything correctly.

I am required to calculate the RC time constant in piezoelectrics. I am trying to do this with data that I already have, Resistivity (not resistance) and Permittivity, and I no longer have the dimensions of the sample that I tested the permittivity on.

I assume it can be done as the resistivity is geometry dependent unlike resistance and permittivity isn't unlike capacitance.

I have the polarization (microCoulombs/cm squared), I suppose I can get the capacitance from this but this is more time consuming.

I have two questions.

a) Can it be done?
b) The resistivity and permittivity are field dependent as well as frequency dependent so is there a standard measuring field and frequency that is used?

Kind regards,
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