Alt vs local Time graph.

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Mar23-13, 10:55 PM
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Hi, I need some help with interpreting an altitude vs local time graph.

Here is a link to the graph and some of the questions that were asked about the graph.

also this information was provided: Date of observation: christmas night 2015, Southern hemisphere, ignore daylight savings.

For the RA of objects I got the order as 2,1,moon,3=4,5 (just listed them according to max alt time)

For Declination I have them ordered as 3,moon,1,4,5,2 ( lowest alt first unless they appear as circumpolar)

The stars Declination I got by using moon as reference and I got the moons Declination roughly 18N late during late December, hence star 1 is at 0, star 4 at 32S which is observation site and star 5 at 64S

Any one able to tell me if I have the right results or how I should go about reading this graph? I am not sure as to why some most are curved shape and one with a straight line (star 4)

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