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General physics main equations

by nebbione
Tags: equations, main, physics
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Mar29-13, 05:37 PM
P: 133
Hi everyone, i I was reading a physics book, (calculus based), and i resumed all the equations (almost I think) with two equations:

x(t)=x(starting) + ∫v(t)dt
v(t)=v(starting) + ∫a(t)dt

i want to know if there is a list of these general equations, physics general formulas... do you know if there are some or book that describes these formulas or treats every formula like these?
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Mar29-13, 10:07 PM
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I think you're asking for an equation sheet like this:

Of course, the equations will be difficult to use or understand without some explanation, which is provided in pretty much all physics textbooks.

If you want a list of equations and to learn how to use them and understand what they mean then you're describing the study of physics

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