Hole edge stess area

by pmlapl
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Apr26-13, 03:01 PM
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I have a tube with a rod inserted into it at a set depth. The rod is held in place by a round pin that passes through a hole in the side of the tube and into the rod. Assuming the pin and hole are the same diameter or very close, I'd like to know how to calculate the stress area on the edge of the tube when a force is applied to the end of the rod when the tube is anchored. I know that the force exerted by the pin is highest along the axis of the force and zero normal to it. So the force involved is not equal over the diameter of the pin which I'm puzzled about. Thanks for the help.
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Apr27-13, 10:21 AM
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Actual stress distribution is quite complex, but for purposes of design, analysis can be simplified. In addition to axial tensile stress, a function of the tube cross section area, there are bearing stresses on the wall at the pin, which is the force
on the wall at the pin divided by ( pin diameter *wall thickness). Also check shear tearout at the hole. Assumption is that pin diameter is small relative to tube diameter.

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