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Reference for Ice-Solid Interfacial Tension

by wingnut290
Tags: ice, interfacial tension, surface tension
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May25-13, 09:24 PM
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So I am actually a grad student looking for a reference for some interfacial tension values. Specifically the ones I am looking for are ice-quartz or clathrate hydrate-quartz. I have poured over the journals seemingly endlessly without having much luck.

If any of you could point me toward a reference I would much appreciate it. The value doesnt have to be specific to quartz, but any surface tension between frozen water and solid would be helpful.

(I already have values for water-air (eg 72mJ/m^2), ice-air, solid-air, etc.)

I am trying to model contact angles in sediments with 4-phases (water, ice/hydrate, air, and solid)

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