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[ANSYS] Simulation of Permanent Magnets

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Jun13-13, 09:05 AM
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I have a project where I need to simulate the magnetic forces with ANSYS. I'm and intermediate ANSYS user but I have really only worked with APDL, and if possible I would like to do it in the GUI.

So my problem is that I have only ever done structural and thermal models in ANSYS.

I am using APDL 14.5 and am having difficulty properly defining the material that is my NdFeB magnet. My initial iteration is with a 45SH magnet. I will also be simulating an electromagnet moving relative to this permanent magnet. Can I do all this in APDL? Or should I move to Workbench where I know nothing.

If someone could help me create even just a material file that I could reference for the magnets that would be helpful. Here is a link to what the manufacturer is reporting as the specs, additionally they say the general specs for all of their NdFeB magnets are,

Thanks in advance.
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