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CAD Benchmarking utility

by Oryon
Tags: benchmarking, utility
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Jun19-13, 12:52 PM
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Hey guys,
Long term lurker here in PF, first time posting though, so here goes :)

I am working to help with a bid from an RFP for a Virtualized CAD Workstation environment on VMware Horizon (view). I am on the architectural side of things, not sales. One of the requirements is the ability to show a benchmark of the 3D graphics performance on the virtual Desktop. While I know our performance will be well above their requirements, I have to prove it! So, with that said, I need some kind of software to provide a benchmark. Most 3D graphics benchmarking tools are geared towards gaming, which will not be acceptable to our customer. Anyone know of anything I can use? Ideally, having the ability to know the number of quad faces, along with screen rez, and getting an FPS result...

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Greg Bernhardt
Jun22-13, 03:56 PM
Greg Bernhardt's Avatar
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This is specific for AutoCAD

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