Accelerating protons-electrons

by omiros
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Jun30-13, 03:56 AM
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Hello everybody, I am first year student and I have a few questions about these two particles.

Do accelerating protons emit radiation?If yes,under which circumstances?

Do bound accelerating electrons (in an atom), emit radiation? If they don't, why?

Thanks in advance :)
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Jun30-13, 04:05 AM
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Since protons are charged particles, yes. When accelerated they emit bremsstrahlung. That is a general phenomenon, which happens with any charged particle.

Now, do bound electrons emit the same radiation? Yes and no. Bohr exactly saved the model of the atom we have today by postulating that electrons can indeed 'go around' a nucleus without emitting radiation. But that's only partly true, cause an excited atom will decay - emitting a photon. But na´vely, an electron in an atom doesn't emit bremsstrahlung.

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