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Cell phone tips (for visually challenged users)

by biferi
Tags: cell, challenged, phone, tips, users, visually
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Jul16-13, 04:02 PM
P: 193
I have very very very bad eyes and I can not see anything very small.

I do have glasses but I can not use them in the Fay light.

Any cell phone I can not see to use and I know they can be setup for voice calling.

But I do not think it will work that good with me.

I have to talk to it and if something goes wacky I can not see it to fix it or reset anything.

Do they have a watch that is a cell phone?

Or something that you can put say 4 cell phone numbers to auto call?

Or what do you think is a good thing to do?
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Jul17-13, 10:30 AM
P: 159
I think Apple's Siri could help you. You can do everything through the headphones and keep the actual iPhone in your pocket.

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