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Fourier law in 1D systems

by dapias09
Tags: fourier, systems
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Aug17-13, 08:14 PM
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Hi all,

I am studyng the "ding-a-ling" model for the Heat transfer in a 1D chain. Particularly, from this article:
I need help with the equation (1), I don't know specifically what the "hard-point core" interaction means. I was thinking that is related to infinite barriers of potential but not sure.
Also, I would like to get help with the equation (4), I was thinking that is related to equation (1) meaning that there is a collision whenever this condition is satisfied, and therefore the barrier of potential is infinite but I don't know, it's very weird that the collision is related to the size of lattice.

Really, I would appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance.
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