Maxwell - Boltzman distribution

by mattT1227
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Sep1-13, 11:18 PM
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I made a spreadsheet to plot the 3d speed distribution from the MB probability function. It matches the peak and fall-off of published graphs. I then tried to integrate it by summing over interval widths times probability. I thought the area should be 1. My result is around 5 or 6. I've tried really small intervals, around 0.25 m/s, that didn't help. Must be I don't understand what the area under the probability curve represents.
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Sep1-13, 11:32 PM
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Check out this article:

It gives properties of the M-B distribution, including the PDF and corresponding CDF. You must have made an error in your calculations.
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Sep2-13, 02:05 AM
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You have failed to normalize! For example, see

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Sep2-13, 07:27 AM
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Maxwell - Boltzman distribution

Thanks all. Problem solved. Area under curve is 0.98 by numerical integration, close enough.

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