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Izod impact test results and their meaning

by missfifer
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Sep4-13, 07:30 AM
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Im trying to work out which material would best withstand a object weighing around 17kg falling approx 0.45m. I've worked out Potential energy of the object before impact being
m x g x h = 76.5 J
and velocity just before impact being 3m/s
Kinetic energy of falling object being 76.5Joules

Ive found data on one material ABS plastic, having a notched impact strength of 15 KJ/m2 and a tensile strength of 41 N/mm2

My question is using the data on the kinetic energy of the falling object can I work out if the material, ABS plastic would be able to withstand the force of the falling object without causing any damage.

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