Benefits of learning about networking?

by jean28
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Sep5-13, 02:08 AM
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Hey guys!

I'm taking a course this semester on Networking Fundamentals. Our professor has given us the opportunity to be able to take tests by Cisco to become CCNA certified for free. I don't know much about networking yet, so I was wondering how much of a big deal it is to be a CCNA certified person.

I have heard taking these exams elsewhere is really expensive, so I though that giving the extra effort outside of the course (CCNA tests are not mandatory, just optional) might be worth it.

What can you guys tell me about this?
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Greg Bernhardt
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Sep5-13, 02:27 PM
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CCNA is very good to have especially if it's through a school. Outside a school setting it can cost several hundred dollars. Network admins with CCNA average $80-$90k I had the opportunity to take one year of it in my school but didn't finished because I graduated. I really wish I had finished and gotten the certificate.

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