Star is expected to be torn apart in the center of our Galaxy

by Dmitry67
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Sep18-13, 03:15 AM
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Based on*

Predictions of its orbit suggest it will have a closest approach to the black hole (a perinigricon) in mid to late 2013. At this time the gas cloud will be at a distance of just over 3000 times the radius of the event horizon (or ~260 AU, 36 light hours) from the black hole. Opinions differ as to the effect this might have on both G2 and the black hole.
So "mid to late 2013" - almost the time, are there any new observations yet?
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Greg Bernhardt
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Sep18-13, 08:45 PM
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This seems to be the website that might announce something
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Sep19-13, 07:54 AM
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Based on*

So "mid to late 2013" - almost the time, are there any new observations yet?
That is just referring to the gas cloud G2 isn't it? From what that page suggest, the observations of that gas cloud and how it reacts to the SMBH will indicate whether there is a 'body' keeping G2 intact. Either way, its going to be fantastic.


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