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MBBBS - MD - M.Ch course details

by mohamed fawaz
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mohamed fawaz
Apr13-05, 03:15 AM
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dear sir,

i am a student and have completed my 12th standard cbse
i have got admission for mbbs in a medical college in a well known university in karnataka,india.

my area of concern is that, i wud like to specialise in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.

but as a undergraduate course mbbs (is compulsory ), and i am going to do it.

but i wud be glad to get help from you on this issue:

is it compulsory to do MS (general surgery) course after mbbs to undertake the thoracic and cardiovascular surgery course, or is it ok if i do MD ( general medicine) ?

i wud like to work as well as do the thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
course, but i am scared that i wud not get enough employment oppurtunities if i do MS (general surgery) as compared to MD ( general medicine)

it wud be even better if there by chance is an oppurtunity to do thoracic and cardiovascular sugery directly after mbbs ...

i wud be greatful for ur kind advise on this issue and seek ur help and relevant information as soon as possible .

note:i wud like to to the thoracic and cardiovascularsurgery on course in a harvard teaching affliated institution - BETH ISREAL ..... .i wud like to work on MS or MD On ur advice while doing this course
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