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Increase volume of speaker on dartboard

by Joshuashua
Tags: dartboard, increase, speaker, volume
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Nov10-13, 06:46 PM
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I will try to be frank, as I am not sure if I can get the help I need in this forum. I am not an EE but dabble here and there (you'd probably call it hacking at a very crude level).


I have a new electronic dartboard which has a small speaker on it. The speaker announces things related to game play (scoring, etc). There is a function to change the speaker volume, however it is still very quite even at the highest setting.

The board runs on an AC wall adapter which outputs 300 mA, 9 volts DC to the board.

Here is the dartboard:


Is there any way I can make the speaker louder with relatively low effort? Perhaps make it a powered speaker somehow? Maybe add a gizmo and a battery? Any ideas are welcome.

I can do some soldering, and have a multimeter if these skills/tools are required for any ideas.

Cheers -
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Nov11-13, 02:58 AM
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The amplifier is built into the board, and is probably putting out what it can for the voltage of the supply and impedance of the speaker.

If you want to open it up you could add a speaker in parallel with the one that is there, or a lower impedance speaker. The amplifier might handle the extra current OK (or not).

You can add a connector to drive an external amplifier. You can add a mic. that drives an external amplifier.

Nothing really simple.
Nov11-13, 09:56 AM
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Hey, thanks MBG!

I see you mentioned adding in a speaker in parallel. Could I add a "battery powered" amp/speaker combo in parallel with the one that is there? I know you probably do not know the details of the circuit, but just curious what your thoughts in general are.


Nov12-13, 12:01 AM
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Increase volume of speaker on dartboard

You could drive a line level input from the speaker output. The exact circuit would depend on how the audio amp output is designed. I'd try a a potentiomenter across the speaker driving a series capacitor. You need to decide which side of the speaker is ground.

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