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by pyzicslolito
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Nov16-13, 10:14 AM
P: 10
In my windows 8.1 control panel->display->screen resolution,I have 3 displays : lg analog, NVIDIA geforce 620 and Intel hd graphics. My monitor is LG22EA53. The other two are not connected yet. If I would like to use the third, do I need to purchase a new monitor ? Thank you a lot
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Nov18-13, 10:13 AM
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Most standard video cards (on board and PCI) support only 2 active displays at a time. Before you go out and purchase a 3rd monitor, ensure that your video card supports more than 2 active monitors. If it does, then you can go buy yourself a 3rd and hook it up.
Moe Trsyklist
Nov23-13, 09:44 AM
P: 7
The three items you listed are not all separate monitors.
LG analog is your monitor
NVIDIA GeForce 620 is a graphics chip or add-in card
Intel hd graphics is an on-board graphics chip

Typically only one graphics chip (gpu for short) is used at a time, but many of them support multiple monitors. As an example, most laptops have a connection available for an external display and both the built in screen and external display can be active at once.

How many monitor connections does your computer have? If it has at least two you can probably connect two monitors. Many have one analog and one digital and it's not always possible to use multiple monitors.

This page from Microsoft might help:

If you post exactly what computer you have we can probably give you more helpful information. According to NVIDIA's site both the GT 620 and the 620M (laptop version) support dual monitors.

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