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Root Canals and Cancer

by Routaran
Tags: canals, cancer, root
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Nov29-13, 01:07 PM
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I recently had a friend on facebook share this website
Edit by mentor: link deleted
it suggests there's a causal relationship between root canals and cancer. Right off the bat, given the website name, realfarmacy, i was skeptical. I tried to check their sources and did a few searches on google and they all seem to come back to one place, Dr. Mercola
Edit: crackpot link deleted
The sources are listed on the bottom of the page. There was only 1 source that explicitly mentioned cancer but it was blocked by our corporate firewall and flagged malicious. The other sources had to do with raw food diets and bacteria in a person's mouth.

I went to pubmed and did a search there for root canal cancer but I didn't see anything relevant (I am a computer programmer so take that with a pinch of salt)

Is there any evidence to support this claim outside of what Mercola says?

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Nov29-13, 03:07 PM
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It's crackpottery.

FDA Orders Dr. Joseph Mercola to Stop Illegal Claims

Many of Mercola's articles make unsubstantiated claims and clash with those of leading medical and public health organizations. For example, he opposes immunization [4] fluoridation [5], mammography [6], and the routine administration of vitamin K shots to the newborn [7]; claims that amalgam fillings are toxic [8]; and makes many unsubstantiated recommendations for dietary supplements. Mercola's reach has been greatly boosted by repeated promotion on the "Dr. Oz Show."

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