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Recombination current in a p-n junction

by VortexLattice
Tags: current, junction, recombination
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Dec1-13, 02:35 PM
P: 146
Hello all, I'm reading about rectification in a p-n junction. My book says there are two types of current for a p-n junction not in equilibrium: Generation current, and Recombination Current.

Generation current Seems simple enough, but I don't get something about Recombination current. They say that, if the potential across the depletion layer is [itex]\Delta \phi[/itex], the amount of holes that gets across the depletion layer (from the p-type to n-type side) through thermal motion will be proportional to [itex]e^{-\beta e \Delta \phi}[/itex], where beta is the normal thermal energy term.

Where do they get this equation?

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