Understanding the schoenflies notation

by aaaa202
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Dec1-13, 05:03 PM
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So let's take a hexagonal crystal. The term:
C6 then refers to the 6-fold rotation group. I litterarily have no idea about what a group is but still want to understand the basic things qualitatively.
So what is meant by the 6-fold rotation group? Is it the set of 6 fold rotations leaving the crystal invariant. How many members are there in the case of the 2d and 3d hexagonal lattice?
Combination of symmetry operations are also considered. For example:
C6h is the 6 fold rotation group plus the addition of a horizontal reflection plane. In this case, what specifies the position of this plane other than it being perpendicular to the rotation axis?
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Dec2-13, 01:22 AM
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Dec2-13, 02:14 PM
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Understanding the schoenflies notation


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