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Heeeeeelp please easy for u?

by luizza
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Apr22-05, 10:29 AM
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Digital Logic Design Lab

(do this project with circuit maker design (7485 comparator))

Design 8 bit adder/subtractor (a+b, or a-b) with following:
1. Inputs: tow operands [A,B](8-bit each),
load(1-load new data,0-perform operation).

2. Outputs: 9 - bit (8-bit will be stored in A again).

3. Modes of operations:

a. Check if B is 0, then the output will be A.
b. Check if A is 0, then the output will be B OR B' depend
on the operation.
c. Otherwise , perform the addition or subtraction.

4. Display result on two seven segment displays + 1 LED.

please if u know the answer help me and i will be thankfull

i do it dut there is a problem and this is my attachment please do it for me??
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