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Where would you buy carbon nanotubes?

by lostminty
Tags: carbon, nanotubes
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Dec8-13, 12:18 AM
P: 77
Wouldn't have to be long ones. Cheap and cheerful amounts.

A google search brought up one called, any one had experience with them?
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Dec8-13, 12:19 AM
P: 77
want them for this project
Dec11-13, 06:44 AM
P: 157
Nasty little beasties, those things. Must be handled with great care, else the result is the unleashing of Satan's private little version of asbestosis-from-Hell. My previous company banned them from any research because of how dangerous they are. But they do present some interesting properties. If you can survive the discovery process, Madame Curie.

I was working with this company to get some until I was told about the prohibition policy:

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