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Weight supporting structure. Help needed.

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Dec16-13, 07:30 AM
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Hello all. I need to build a weight supporting structure with the following requirements. At this point, I'm still in learning mode and need help understanding the appropriate terms and formulas to search for. Of course solutions are awesome too, but any direction forward would be most appreciated.

I need to suspend a weight (w) with a finite threshold variance on a platform off the edge of a plane. Here is a visual.

    _____   |
   |     |  |     plane
   |  w  |  |
   |_____|  |
  --------- |
  platform  |
What's not in the visual are any supporting ties. These supporting ties and associated structures are effectively what I'm searching for the optimal solution to. I'm not able to do any damage to the plane (drilling, adhesive, etc), but the support can be rigid - I'm expecting it to be. I expect the width of the platform away from the plane will factor into the equations. Assume the platform is the same depth as the plane or slightly deeper to account for the supports.

My preference, and the direction I'm currently heading, is to apply the downward force to the top of the plane (assume it to be plenty strong enough to support w) and an inward force into the side of the plane. I'm unable to use anything supporting the plane (like the ground). The supports can also touch and/or lay along the surface of the plane, and I suspect the ultimate design will do so.

I suspect there are existing best practices for this type of requirement, but I need help finding them. I'll post some visuals of my early thinking (without mathematical optimisations) tomorrow.

Disclaimer: this is for a personal invention (my first), so I'd prefer not to go into certain specifics at this point. But I will eventually open source the design and send a prototype to anyone who can help :)

Much thanks,
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Dec17-13, 11:06 AM
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Is the diagram you provide the plan, (view from above), or a side elevation?

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