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Molecular emission spectra database

by rammer
Tags: database, emission, molecular, spectra
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Dec23-13, 04:25 PM
P: 23
Hi, I am looking for online molecular emission spectra database for spectroscopic analysis of plasma. It would be great if searching in it is based on a wavelength of spectral lines/bands.

For atomic spectra I found this database:
But I couldn't find anything like that for molecular spectra which is essential for full analysis of spectra.

And my next question is (as I am beginner in spectra analysis) what is the right and most efficient way of analysing spectra? My current procedure is that I find a peak in my spectrum then I search appropriate atoms using the peak wavelength and then I match one atom (the one which has more characteristic lines in my spectrum) for the given peak wavelength. Is there more efficient way?
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