Apple Iphone 4: use siri while your phone is locked

by Uranus
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Jan2-14, 07:18 AM
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Hey to all you who are the owners of the iphone 4s with siri. I was freakin around on it early this morning and found out that you can use siri while your phone is locked. Siri will actually search the web for you without asking for a passcode, which will unlock your phone without a passcode. You can exit the web browser with the center button as per usual and get axcess to all your apps and sprivates with no passcode ... Apple apple ...
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Jan2-14, 08:09 AM
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This is a well-known security flaw with older iPhones, and it got worse with the new OS. Before iOS7, Siri would give partial but not complete access to a locked phone. It did give enough access to enable an ex-friend who got hold of your iPhone to send an email to your boss in your name, expletives not deleted. With iOS7, it's complete access.

The solution is simple: Modify the default preferences so that Siri is locked out when the cell phone is locked.
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Jan2-14, 07:27 PM
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ahh yes default preferences

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