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Mph vs Kmph or anything PH

by brycenrg
Tags: kmph
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Jan3-14, 08:04 PM
P: 30
So I was thinking the other day why is kmph appear bigger than mph in conversions. I thought sense km was a bigger number it would be smaller because converting mi to KM u would reach .6 of a mile. Anyways I then I realized per hour is the rate at which it takes to travel that distant. So if i converted 1 mph to kmph it would be 1.6 because it takes a little quicker acceleration to reach 1 km than m. cuz km is longer than mi


----> = Mile
---------> = Km

Ahh Im confused now again lol. My brain doesnt understand why 1 mph would be .62 kmph because if you go ----> this distance per h which is a mile but then convert it to km wouldnt u have gone less in km because km is a bigger number.. lol I know im wrong but i can't see it the correct way lol someone help
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Jan3-14, 08:10 PM
P: 30
Never mind.. a mile is bigger than a km Lol. Thats why i was confused.

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