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What does this notation mean?

by shadowboy13
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Jan13-14, 06:20 AM
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I want to do a problem with this but i can't find anything about it, if anyone can help me it'd be very useful, thank you. :)

The one i want to do exactly is [20;30[ , in case anyone is wondering.
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Jan13-14, 08:06 AM
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Google says...

The endpoint of an open interval can be expressed with an outward-facing square bracket which is synonymous with an inward-facing parenthesis.
Jan13-14, 01:32 PM
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In other words, [20;30[ means {x | 20 ≤ x < 30}, the interval on the real number line between 20 and 30, with 20 included and 30 excluded.

Jan14-14, 08:12 AM
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What does this notation mean?

Perhaps you are familiar with [20, 30), another notation meaning the same thing- all numbers between 20 and 30, including 20 but not 30.

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