Van Allen Radiation

by shounakbhatta
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Jan15-14, 05:26 AM
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I have a question: Do stars have Van Allen Radiation?

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Jan15-14, 05:39 AM
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The solar wind emitted by the sun is thought to be the source of the charged particles which become trapped in earth's magnetic field.

Due to the dynamic nature of the sun, there are all sorts of particles and ionized matter being thrown off the surface of the sun.
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Jan18-14, 07:06 PM
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If you could show that a star has a magnetic field surrounding it like the earth’s, then you could say that it would trap particles the same way the Van Allen belt does. As far as I know, stars do not have such a magnetic field.

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Jan18-14, 08:36 PM
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Van Allen Radiation

Quote Quote by Bobbywhy View Post
If you could show that a star has a magnetic field surrounding it like the earth’s.

Actually it flipped already about two weeks ago.

I don't mean to say that is has a Van Allen belt.
But stars may have magnetic fields. Of course, they may not be "like the eart's" in some respects.

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