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Gravity on mass on earth's surface vs sun-earth gravity

by ninjagowoowoo
Tags: earth, gravity, mass, sunearth, surface
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Apr27-05, 11:39 PM
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A mass of 5.000 kg is sitting on the Earth's surface directly under the sun during a solar eclipse. The sun exerts a gravitational force with magnitude Fs on the mass. The moon's gravitational force on the mass has magnitude Fm. Calculate the ratio Fs / Fm.

This problem is really frustrating me. For the object, wouldnt Fm be mg = 5*9.8?

Then wouldnt the Fs be (mass of the sun)(mass of earth)/R^2 ?

So wouldnt it be the Fs divided by Fm? Please help!?!?!
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Apr27-05, 11:47 PM
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You are being asked to calculate the ratio of the forces of attraction to the sun and to the moon for a mass that is at the surface of the earth. You are not asked for the force of attraction to the earth.
Apr27-05, 11:50 PM
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HAH wow i'm embarassed... thanks

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