Semiconductor Doping

by ChaseRLewis
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Jan24-14, 10:29 PM
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I'm aware that you "dope" them with phosphorous for n-type and boron for p-type (I'm aware other materials can be used and other dopants are preferred in other situations). My question is exactly how is this done? Temperature, Pressure, Sputtering, etc.A white paper or something of the exact process would be much appreciated.
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Jan25-14, 08:11 AM
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Hi Chase! Doping is a process that goes on under the surface layer of the silicon or whatever substrate you are using, gallium arsenide, etc. Sputtering is what you do on the TOP of the surface layer. I work in both regimes. The pressures are high vacuum pressures of 1E-6 torr and in some cases, self focusing beams can use higher pressures. The temperature is just that which does not destroy the substrate so cooling of some kind is usually involved in higher current implants, water cooling inside the substrate housing, single wafer, batch process, etc.

This Wiki can get you started:

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