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Fastest way to become RF engineer

by Bob Busby
Tags: engineer, fastest
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Bob Busby
Feb5-14, 03:00 PM
P: 47
Please humor this question. I know it is ridiculous but please give me your best answer.

Suppose a young EE student has seen the light and wants to become a master RF engineer. He wonders what the fastest and best possible way to go about this process as opposed to the non-linear path many people take. He searches for the best books and websites for guidance but is met by a menagerie of interlocking topics that assume knowledge of each other.

What is the theoretically fastest best path this student could take to reach general competence in RF. What are the books, projects, websites, etc. that you think would help expedite this process?
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Feb5-14, 04:53 PM
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Get your EE and apply at companies that have RF engineers. You'll learn far more from working with experienced RF engineers than you will in school.
Feb6-14, 06:04 PM
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First you have to determine which corner of the field you are interested in along with where you can obtain a JOB! Getting something that involves working in the field will give you a glance about what RFE's do, I worked at many Job shops all over Silicone Valley before I found I could do and become employed in My field

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