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Non-uniform grid via coordinate transformation in Comsol

by charles_albert
Tags: comsol, mesh
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Feb12-14, 06:22 PM
P: 1
Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a way to construct a non-uniform grid using coordinate transformation in Comsol. More specifically, I have a PDE on a rectangle and I would like to transform the equidistant grid on the x axis

x1_m = m/M, where m = 1,...,M

to the following one

x2_m = A + B * sinh(c1*x1_m + c2*(1 − x1_m)), where A, B, c1 and c2 are scalars.

The reason for this transformation is that choosing adequately c1 and c2 will lead to a finer mesh around B.

Then, I would like to do the same kind of tranform for the y axis. I tried with the distribution option using a Free Quad meshing, but it is linked to a boundary, as I understand.

Thanks in advance.
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